Libris - PIM (Product Information Manager)

(Product Information Manager)
Up-to-date information instantly

Populate your sales channels with updated product info instantly from a centralised, cloud-based source with Libris PIM.

Many businesses suffer from untidy data storage. Too often, company data is held in multiple locations and it can take ages to track down correct assets or the latest version of what you need. New information and updates may need inputting in several different places. This is a time-consuming, costly and repetitive process and errors can creep in.
Libris PIM can fix all of this! PIM will store all of your product information – specification details, images, pricing info, technical drawings and more – in a well-organised, safe, cloud-based source, accessible to multiple users 24/7. Input new information and it is automatically fed out to your website, app and sales team. Updates too, are instantly delivered across all of your digital sales channels.

No more inputting the same data over and over again for all of your different marketing needs – just streamlined, money-saving efficiency.

Libris - PIM (Product Information Manager) Single Data Source

Single data source

Update your product info directly into Libris PIM and it will automatically update all of your sales channels, making complicated spreadsheets a thing of the past. Information can also be imported from existing Excel spreadsheets if required.

Bespoke system

PIM software is fully customisable and adapts to any kind of product or company. It can help you open new sales channels in minutes.

Libris - PIM (Product Information Manager) Fully Integrated
Libris - PIM (Product Information Manager) Image Editing & Translation

Image editing and language translation

Can change visual information, or translate text into different languages, across all channels at the click of a button.

Instant updates

The fully automated system gives your customers the latest product info at all times and ensures accuracy throughout your supply chain.

Automated features

Reduce repetitive updating tasks by up to 90% with our range of automated features, saving valuable time and money.


Totally secure

My safe, secure, private file system can easily recover any product information from automated backups from the previous 30 days.

200 SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • £29 per additional user

1500 SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • £29 per additional user

500 SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • £29 per additional user

2000 SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • £29 per additional user

1000 SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • £29 per additional user

2000+ SKUs

Base Price (inc 1 user)
  • Price on Application


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